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DIY Snow Covered Candles

KXOXE6258Needing that little touch of something to add to your mantel or bookshelf for this holiday season? Try these DIY Snow Covered Candles. So easy to make and super fun! Also, just plain gorgeous Christmas decorations. Little kiddos would also love to help with this craft considering you get to have a little messy fun. Here’s a step by step guide on how to make your own. You most likely have a lot of the items laying around the house already! Let’s get crafting!

What you’ll need:

  • mason jar (go ahead and toss the lid aside)
  • Elmer’s glue
  • old paintbrush or sponge
  • epsom salt
  • white glitter
  • votive candle (or any small non-encased candle)
  • twine
  • small Christmas themed greenery (mine came from Hobby Lobby)
  • hot glue gun

wtrp9578.jpgFirst things first, you’ll want to lay down something to avoid the glittery mess that would end up on your crafting area otherwise. Pour a bit of epsom salt out and mix in glitter until it’s as sparkly as you like, though you’ll find that the epsom salt causes the texture that creates the snowy effect, so make sure to have a higher ratio of epsom salt. Use a very fine glitter so that when mixed in with the epsom salt, it only adds sparkle without the actual flecks being seen.

Pour a bit of glue on a paper plate to dip into. Brush glue onto your mason jar and sprinkle on the mixture. Sprinkling is preferred to rolling the jar. I tried rolling at first and found that it caused the salt to stick to the surface I was rolling it on rather than the jar itself. No need to cover the rim or the bottom of the jar. Once the jar is fully covered with snow (either by you, or the little kiddo assisting in this DIY project) set it aside and allow it to dry. You can clean up your glitter and plug in a hot glue gun in the meantime!

Once dry, your candle is ready for greenery! Using a hot glue gun, apply greenery to the rim of the mason jar. Allow that to dry and cut a pretty lengthy piece of twine. Wrap the twine over the top of the greenery and around the entire rim of the jar and finish it off with a cute little bow! Feel free to add a little hot glue under the twine in places for security, but it isn’t necessary. Finally, drop your candle into the center and light it to enjoy the beauty of your creation!

DIY Snow Covered Candles made by hand, with heart! Enjoy your holiday season!

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