My Life

The Journey Begins

Let’s start with the usual introductions: I am 19 years old and I live in Louisiana. I have two cats named Willow and Luna. My heart belongs to my cats and my crafting. I enjoy makeup and fashion like most of us girls do, but I also really enjoy reading, painting, crafting, and photography. I’m a huge Disney fanatic and you can usually catch me watching Netflix with some sort dessert in my hand. IMG_2595 I got my first set of paint brushes and a table top easel in middle school and I haven’t stopped since. I knew I loved painting from a young age, but the crafting came into view when my sister got married in 2014. My mom and I worked together to hand craft all of the decorations for my sister’s beach wedding. I had never enjoyed anything more in my life. After that experience crafting was part of my everyday life. I became the chair of the dance committee in high school and crafted decorations for every dance (by hand and with heart, of course) and ran my way through life creating things along the way. IMG_4629Recently, after my life underwent a ton of changes, I needed to get back into that love for creating things from scratch. So, I posted on my Facebook about crafts people might want and the amount of orders I received took me by such surprise. I created so many things from homemade wreaths and essential oil candles, to custom tree toppers and wooden holiday signs. I will be blogging about how I make all of these things soon so I can share the fun with other DIY lovers. Long story short, I hope to someday make this my full time job. So, if you visit my blog, I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this dream of mine. I hope to spread joy through this journey and inspire others to make beautiful creations of their own. I also hope that you follow along with me as this dream in the making possibly becomes my beautiful lifestyle in the future. This is only the beginning.IMG_3475

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