My Life

The Big Step Forward


So guys, my post today isn’t going to be craft oriented. On this very cold November morning I will be writing about furthering my blog. Today is the day I am finally going to use my personal social media accounts to promote By Hand, With Heart. I haven’t really promoted my blog or BHWH accounts because I wanted to get a bit of content out first. So, since I’m finally really going to push promoting my site I wanted to write a little bit about what this experience has been like so far.


If you know me, you know that being artistic is in my blood. It is something that has aways given me a peace when the rest of the world is too crazy to handle. When I thought about blogging I figured “No way it will work… I don’t have enough followers. I don’t have good enough content. I don’t have the time of day.” Well, something is driving me to prove my previous assumptions wrong. Why should I sell myself short when there is a possibility to turn my future into doing what I truly love every single day? Writing, crafting, art, and photography all in one. Here I am, pouring my heart out to you. I have a request, use word of mouth to promote my site and products. Share on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, like on Instagram, and pin it on Pinterest. Even if the purpose of my blog does not apply to you, when you share By Hand, With Heart it may find its way to someone who it does apply to. Someone that could possibly really use my step by step guides, fun stories, or even someone that could find a friend in me.


That’s what this is really all about right? Getting yourself out there to find support in those who have the same interests as you. Making lifelong friendships and having a creative outlet to forget about the stresses of daily life. So, I ask that you take the time to possibly support my new endeavor. This journey has been pretty scary so far, but it has also been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever involved myself in. If I could make this into a job, I wouldn’t have to complain about it a day in my life. If this doesn’t truly kick off though, that’s alright too. I will still be here sharing my creations because there is nothing I enjoy more.

Stay tuned for more creations made by hand and with heart here on my blog!

Love, Jasmine.


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