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DIY Floral Anchor Wreath

blzs9123.jpgOkay everyone! After the polls I posted on Wednesday, this friday’s people’s choice winner is the DIY Floral Anchor Wreath! I am so glad you guys chose this, because it turned out absolutely stunning! Want a wreath that isn’t seasonal so you can use it for more than a month or two? Then make this beautiful wreath that can hang on your door year round! This gorgeous DIY only took me about 30 minutes this morning. So make your way to your local crafting store and try this one out yourself!

Here is what you’ll need:TWFE9163

  • 14in x 21in grape-vine oval wreath
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • anchor (can be homemade or purchased)
  • flowers of your choice (I used yellow, white, and dark blue)
  • greenery (leaves of various shades and shapes)
  • hot glue gun (5 glue sticks)
  • poly jute burlap mesh ribbon

Let’s get crafting. First things first, you want to cut the flowers from their main stem. A wire cutter will come in handy because a lot of the time scissors won’t make it through. I usually tend to leave bunches of flowers together and don’t separate each singular flower. Toss the main stem because you don’t need it any more. You will also want to cut off all greenery from the main stem. I usually lay out my flowers and greenery in sections so it’s easy to pick from a variety and keep from placing similar things next to each other.VQOI7691

The next step is to use your burlap ribbon to make little cones. I do this because it gives dimension to the wreath and helps break up the flowers and greenery. All you want to do is cut different lengths of the ribbon and then twist them at a diagonal. Then glue the bottom together to hold the shape. You can then use the bottom to help glue the ribbon into the places you want it. Cut and make several different sizes of these, and create a section of them next to your greenery and flowers.MYZM3258

Now that all of your pieces are ready for application, you will want to choose the location of your anchor first. I chose to angle mine on the bottom right, but it can be centered or at the top. That is completely up to you. My anchor had rope wrapped around it. I threaded twine under the rope and used that to tie the anchor to my wreath. I then used hot glue in a few places just for safety and security.JUKT9427

My best advice for flower placement is to place it where your heart takes you. This is the truly creative and original part of making any wreath. I wanted the bottom of  the anchor to have fuller coverage than the top, so I chose my largest flowers first and hot glued them at the bottom. After that I usually like to apply almost all of the greenery first so it falls behind the flowers. I always leave a few extra though for filling in any empty spots at the end. I then placed all of my blue flowers sporadically, followed by the yellow. I placed my burlap cones last to break up the colors and add something to tie into the rope and wood color of the anchor.

(Cats are optional and not necessary for the creation of this wreath.)

So, there you have it. The people wanted a DIY Floral Anchor Wreath! You guys got it! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope this step by step guide was useful to you, and I really hope you try it out. I enjoyed making this a ton and I absolutely love the way it turned out. My sister is going to adore it when I give it to her. If you try this DIY please comment below about how yours turned out! A wreath made by hand and with heart. Stop by every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more fun crafts and DIY tutorials! MUTHE2823.JPG

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