Cat Crafts

5 Easy, Cheap DIY Cat Toys

Happy Monday! I am very excited about today’s blog post. Mostly because it has to do with cats! You already know I’m a crazy cat momma! I would like to share 5 different easy and inexpensive cat toys that you can make at home to entertain your little fur babies. Make sure to check out number 5, which I made at home yesterday for my girls!

1.  DIY Cat Tent How to Make a DIY Cat Tent |

This absolutely precious cat tent is so easy. If you have cats you know very well that they love to fit into small, secluded spaces. This craft is by diyready and only uses 6 components that you most likely already have in your home:

  • wire hangers
  • t-shirt
  • tape
  • pliers
  • cardboard
  • safety pins

If you are interested in trying this one out, they have a tutorial up here:

2. DIY Felt Cat Wand

Create an Easy DIY Felt Cat Wand! Your feline will love playing with this homemade toy. This simple craft will keep your cat playing for a long time.This wonderful cat wand is made by Girl Gone Mom! The best part of this, is felt holds up much better than feathers. So, this toy will last longer and you get to have the pride of your cat playing with a toy you made yourself! This creation only requires 5 items:

  • felt
  • wooden dowel
  • fabric tape
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Take a trip to for a tutorial on this awesome cat wand.

3. Yarn Pom Poms

yarn pom pom on a fork

These incredibly easy pom poms take all of 5 minutes and were posted by recipebookandmore. They were originally made for a hat topper, but I know for a fact that cats would absolutely love to bat this around the house! 3 things are needed:

  • scissors
  • yarn
  • large fork

There was no tutorial listed really. But the site says that you wrap the yarn around 60 times and tie a knot right down the middle. Then slide the yarn off the fork and cut both sides. There you have it! An adorable cat to pom-pom!

4. Water Bottle Crinkle Toy

DIY Water Bottle Crinkle Dog Toy

Irresistiblepets has this listed as a dog toy, but my two cats LOVE water bottles and constantly run around the house batting them around if I leave them out. All this easy toy takes is:

  • old sweater or sock
  • scissors
  • water bottle

A tutorial is listed here at

5. DIY Pipe Cleaner Cat Toy


This awesome cat toy only has one component:

  • 7 pipe cleaners

Here is a step by step guide on how I created a toy that my cats are obsessed with.

Ignore the kitty paw paint prints on the sheet

Cross your pipe cleaners and wrap the one underneath around the one you placed on top. You will then slowly add one at a diagonal doing the same process: underneath wrapped around the one placed on top.


Do this until all 7 pipe cleaners are secure


Then wrap end to end matching colors. Make sure to tightly wrap it, so the pokey ends don’t hurt any kitties.


After that, you have a completed cat toy that keeps your babies entertained! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading today’s blog post! For more crafts made by hand and with heart, stop by on Wednesday! Here are some pictures of Luna and Willow enjoying their new toy during outside time.



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