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DIY Stocking Hanger


ugpd0321.jpgIt’s Monday! A new week means time for new crafts! Today, I would like to shout out all of the families out there that don’t have a fireplace. Christmas decorating can come to a stand still when you are trying to find somewhere for your stockings. So, I am creating a step by step guide on how to easily hang your stockings with style (no fireplace needed).

Here is what you will need:

  • wooden boards
  • staple gun
  • wood glue
  • round door knobs
  • twine
  • acrylic paint (white, brown, black, red)

I used boards broken down from old pallets. You can use whatever you have handy or even run to a Lowe’s or Home Depot to grab some. Use a staple gun to line them up and staple them together. You will want to staple a lot of the backside of your project, but only once all the way to the right and left on the front side. Then run along the seam on the back with wood glue for extra stability.


Next, line up your door knobs where you want them placed toward the bottom of your wood. Trace a circle around them with a pencil. Then, set them aside.


Paint your board everywhere, except inside your traced circles, with the white paint. Use your creativity here. You can fully cover it for a more pristine look, or leave it unfinished for something more worn and rustic looking. Then, use your red paint to fully cover the door knobs.


After both of these finish drying, there are two options. Your can use a vinyl machine to print out your letters and reindeer, or you can paint them by hand. I chose to paint mine by hand. Using the black I wrote “And the stockings were hung…” Beneath that, I used the circles I traced as reference for a nose and painted cute little reindeer (still leaving the circles empty).

Now that everything is painted and dry you will want to flip over the sign and grab your twine. Cut strips of twine and tie a knot at both ends. Then round it and staple above the knots. This creates a simple hanger.


Now, use your wood glue to attach your doorknobs to the sign. Follow the instructions on the bottle for the amount of time to apply pressure and how long it should be left to dry.

There you have it, a DIY Stocking Hanger made by hand and with heart. If you don’t have a fireplace in your home, this is an absolutely precious addition to your christmas decor. Hope to see you guys here on Wednesday for an extra fun blog post.


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