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The Big Move

So, on this lovely Friday, I would like to write about something huge I have going on in my life. You guys know I live in Hammond, Louisiana if you’ve read some of my other personal posts. I grew up from birth through my senior year of high school in Albany, La which is only about 10 minutes from Hammond. So, needless to say I’ve been here since day one. I can say today, that is about to change.

I recently have made the decision to move to Houma, Louisiana. I will be moving to my new home on January 5th, only about a month from now. I have many reasons for moving, but my big motivation has actually been my crafting. I currently live in a very small one bedroom apartment. All my crafts are currently stuffed inside a wardrobe in boxes. Everything is unorganized. I have piles of wood stored in corners and finished orders piled up in other corners. I have no room for any true creativity where I am.

I am going to be moving with my boyfriend to a two bedroom apartment and the second room will become my craft room. I will organize my products and have an actual desk for my computer and planner. I recently purchased an indoor photography lighting kit, which I currently have to completely take out and set up to take pictures in a corner of my kitchen every other day, and then stash away so I have room to walk. When I move I will be able to have an entire area dedicated to taking more professional photos for you guys to see here on the blog.

Why Houma you ask? Well, my boyfriend has a fantastic job offer over there and it sets us up for success. It will allow me less time serving in a restaurant and more time working on awesome crafting blog posts to help you guys DIY. I decided to write about this today because I want you guys to know whats going on in my life. This is a huge decision for me as a 19-year-old. I am picking up and leaving everything I know to chase after a dream. Whether it turns out the way I’m hoping, or turns into something completely different, it is a true blessing. I cannot wait to step toward my future and leave my past behind.

There are many people who have made me who I am today that lived in my little home town. I am so thankful for each and every one. I have made friendships that I am very sad to possibly lose due to distance, but I am finally doing something for me. This decision is my official push to my true happiness. I am moving to a beautiful new home and hopefully starting a beautiful new life.

Thank you for reading BHWH followers. I thank you all for supporting me in this. I will be figuring out a better way to sell products and get them shipped to you guys. So you can order and receive from the comfort of your home. Wish me the best of luck. For more crafts made by hand and with heart, stop by on Monday.

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